-Are you a liquor store or coffee house?

We are both. Buy your liquor, wine or beer to take home. Stop in the morning for your freshly ground cappuccino, latte or frappuccino.

-Can I get a cocktail at Dagny’s?

We are not a bar although you can purchase a glass of wine while sitting and relaxing.

-Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes Dagny’s has free Wi-Fi just ask for the password at the register.

-Who is your baker?

We have some of Naples best, such as Mikkelsons and Landert Breads.

-Do you have events?

Yes, wine tasting, painting classes, poetry, writing classes, jewelry making

-Is there food?

Dagny’s has the finest selection of cheese and meats. You can purchase some precut meats, cheeses and have a light snack while sipping on a glass of wine. We also have a terrific selection of pastries. We do not serve lunch or dinner.